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The Ahnenerbe agent with a goatee was a member of Friedrich von Hassell's expedition to find the Tomb of the Gods. He worked for the Ahnenerbe, the ancestral heritage branch of the Nazi SS. He had dark hair and a goatee.

In 1936, he along with von Hassell, Janice Le Roi and several other men boarded a freighter headed to Siberia when it stopped in Japan. After von Hassell captured the other passengers, Alex Beresford-Hope and Indiana Jones, Jones and Le Roi were left adrift in a shot-up rowboat. Reaching Siberia, this agent was part of the party that set out on dogsled to find the mountain housing the Tomb of the Gods.

The agent survived both an attack by Indiana Jones on the expedition, and falling into a giant chasm that led to the passageway to the Tomb. Carrying a machine gun, he helped deter any escape attempts by Alex Beresford-Hope and their new captive, Marcus Brody. When the group entered the antechamber of the tomb, the agent stood close to one of his colleagues, who decided to have a smoke. Along the side of the chamber, they began to hear voices, possibly from the round green nodules in the antechamber's walls. Along with a blond gunman, they became possessed by the voices that told them to kill the rest of the people and open the door.

After von Hassell killed Beresford-Hope for refusing to open the door, the three possessed agents turned on the rest of their party. With their eyes green, and their skin starting to fester from the alien possession, they opened fire with their machine guns on their colleagues, killing several of the other Ahnenerbe men.

After Indiana Jones defeated the other two possessed men, the agent with the goatee got Jones and Brody in his aim. Before he could shoot them, he was gunned down from behind by Janice Le Roi. His body was later buried in the rubble when Jones dynamited the Tomb of the Gods.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

While not actually depicted in the second and third issues of the series, he would have to have been present on the boat and the dog-pulled sledge caravan seen in those issues for him to be present at the Tomb of the Gods.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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