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Eaton: "Good God!"
Brody: "Yes, that's just what the Hebrews thought."
Major Eaton and Marcus Brody[src]

God, also known as Jehovah, Yahweh, the Almighty or Allah, is the deity of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions. Christians believe Jesus Christ was both the Son and human incarnation of God, while Muslims believe Muhammad was sent by God as a messenger and prophet.

In 1936, God's forces unleashed His wrath upon the Nazis following their opening of the Ark of the Covenant.[1]

Two years later in 1938, as part of the Temple of the Sun's three trials protecting the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones had to cross a lettered stepping stone path to spell out Jehovah; however, he initially neglected to account for the name in Latin beginning with a "I" and nearly fell to his death.[2]

In 1947, Jones had an encounter with the Babylonian deity Marduk upon accessing to the enigmatic realm of Aetherium through the Infernal Machine and survived. After escaping with his partner Sophia Hapgood and being asked by Doctor Gennadi Volodnikov if he saw God like the Tower of Babel legend claimed, Indy expressed his hope that Marduk wasn't God as he hadn't been very forgiving.[3]



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