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Grace Jones[1] was the aunt of Indiana Jones. Grace lived with her husband Fred on a ranch outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the couple raised their son, Frank.


Sometime around 1905, a young Indiana Jones visited Grace's ranch and had his first experience riding a pony. Grace saved a photograph of Indy on the pony, and gave it to Anna Jones in 1908 when she came out to visit. Anna mailed the photograph to Indy, who kept it, along with Anna's letter, in his journal.

Henry Jones and his son, Indy, visited Grace's ranch during the spring of 1916. Grace, Fred, and Frank met the father and son at the train station and escorted them to the ranch. At breakfast the next morning, Grace allowed her son and nephew to go on a camping trip to Red Butte—unaware that they were really headed south of the border.

Behind the scenes[]

Deborah Strang played Aunt Grace in Spring Break Adventure, a character invented for the bridging segments filmed for the re-edit of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles into the The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Though her relationship with Henry Walton Jones, Sr. is never made explicit, Grace's Scottish accent implies that the two are siblings which in turn would suggest Grace was a Jones who married a Jones.



Notes and references[]

  1. Grace's surname, Jones, is not directly given in any source. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones contains a letter written to Indiana from Nancy Stratemeyer, sent care of his cousin Frank Jones, Grace's son; it is likely that she would have the same last name.