"...don't call me Junior!"
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"Boukman says you must follow me."
Green Pants[src]

Green Pants was the nickname of a zombi commanded by Boukman on Zile Muri-yo in 1943. As a chemically-induced zombi (Children of the Potion), he was still alive, but was a slave to the orders of his bokor. He was heavy set man about forty, with long black hair and brown eyes, and wore only a pair of tattered green pants.

After Boukman had found and captured Marie Arnoux in the Fleuve Caché, Green Pants was sent down the underground river after Indiana Jones and George McHale. Ending up in the sea during the hurricane, he emerged from the water, and approached the two white men. Commanding them to follow him, he avoided death from Jones' pistol by proclaiming that Arnoux would die if they did not accompany him to Boukman.

Needing a way to scale the cliffs, Green Pants summoned two true zombis, who arrived via the flume, and began hammering in handholds and footholds into the cliff face. After the second zombi succeeded in carving a way up to the top, Green Pants climbed up first, testing the makeshift stairway with his weight. Making his way back towards Boukman's plantation, Green Pants stopped several times for Jones and McHale to catch up, though didn't wait for the other zombi, who had broken his ankle and lagged behind. Once McHale determined that the other zombi was sufficiently behind them, McHale diverted Green Pants into looking away, and then shot him three times in the head. With their chaperon dead, McHale and Jones could plan a way to hide the Heart of Darkness and rescue Marie Arnoux.


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