Indiana Jones threatens the Ark.

The grenade launcher is a weapon that fires projectiles.


A prototype grenade launcher was present at Geheimhaven in 1936. With it Indiana Jones threatened to destroy the Ark of the Covenant unless Marion Ravenwood was freed from German capture.

However, René Emile Belloq called Jones's bluff which resulted in his capture. Jones had marveled at Nazi ingenuity when he found the prototype weapon and was reminded of the Flying Wing he had encountered earlier at Tanis.

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The RPG used at Geheimhaven in Raiders of the Lost Ark is anachronistic as they were not yet invented in 1936. The movie weapon, a customized rocket launcher made-up to resemble World War II-era anti-tank weapons, was later noted to be a prototype in-universe in Ryder Windham's junior novelization of the film.



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