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Half Breed, also known as Glasses,[1] was a part-Native American member of a grave robbing gang led by Fedora, which recovered the Cross of Coronado from a Utah canyon in 1912.


Upon their discovery, Half Breed was displeased with Roscoe's whoops of excitement. After Indiana Jones stole the Cross of Coronado, Half Breed chased Indy and fought him on the circus train. During the fight, Half Breed and Rough Rider followed Indy into the reptile car and got momentarily trapped. After escaping the reptile car, he helped to hoist Indy out of the lion car. He tried to follow Indy into Doctor Fantasy's Magic Caboose but Fedora stopped him.[2]

Half Breed later appeared at the Jones household when Fedora and the Sheriff reclaimed the Cross of Coronado for Panama Hat.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Half Breed was portrayed by Jeff O'Haco in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The script and movie credits refer to the character as Half Breed, though the character's actual name is not revealed. In Ryder Windham's junior novelization of the film, Fedora refers to one of his men as Alfred, though it's unclear whether he is talking to Rough Rider or Half Breed, who is instead named in the book as "Glasses".

The character seems to reappear in Wolfgang Hohlbein's novel Indiana Jones und das Verschwundene Volk (Indiana Jones and the Lost People), though ambiguities in the story's narrative could be referring to Fedora instead.


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