Halide Edib (also spelled Halide Edip) was a novelist, Turkish nationalist and feminist. Along with her second husband, she served in the Turkish military during the Turkish War of Independence, after World War I.


Halide Edib had traveled to Syria and had brought orphan children with her to Istanbul. During World War I, when the Ottoman Empire was an ally of Germany, she ran a boarding school for children in Istanbul, where she was assisted by Molly Walder, an American.

In September 1918, Indiana Jones, in the guise of Nils Anderson, befriended Molly to gain access to Edib, who was active in the push for Turkish nationalism. She was able to use her clout to arrange a meeting between Jones and General Mustafa Kemal, though she disagreed with Kemal's methods. She was worried for the future of Turkey after the end of the war.

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Actress Zuhal Olcay portrayed Halide Edib in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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