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Hatay (officially known as the Republic of Hatay)[1] was a country from 1938 to 1939 in Asia Minor. The leader of this nation was the Sultan, who ruled from the palace in Antakya. Some parts of the country were marked by dry mountains and canyons.

Adventures in Hatay[]

The Canyon of the Crescent Moon, which concealed the resting place of the Holy Grail, was located in Hatay, outside the city of Iskenderun. In 1938, the Sultan of Hatay was visited by Colonel Ernst Vogel and Walter Donovan who received a party of soldiers and a Great War-era Mark VII Tank to aid their hunt for the Holy Grail. They went to the Temple of the Sun only to be defeated by Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sr., Sallah, and Marcus Brody.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]


Hatay in the film.

The depiction of Hatay in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is largely fictional.

In the movie, Hatay, despite being labeled a republic on-screen, is shown to be a monarchy headed by a Sultan whose palace is depicted in the film's script, and both the adult and junior novelizations as being in Iskenderun. The national flag as seen in the film is not based on that of the historical Republic of Hatay. In addition, the population is depicted as speaking Arabic, rather than more accurately speaking Turkish.

The city used to stand in for the capital of Hatay is in fact Istanbul, Turkey.



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