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Hauke was a large and imposing Neo-Nazi enforcer for the former Third Reich scientist turned NASA official Jürgen Voller in 1969. He also had ties to the CIA.


Hauke was involved with Jürgen Voller's 1969 pursuit of Archimedes' Dial, joining Klaber to track down Indiana Jones in New York City. During the Apollo 11 ticker tape parade held in Manhattan, Hauke hijacked one of the convertibles to chase down the archaeologist with an unwilling female passenger being brought along for the ride.[1]

When on board a CIA helicopter after being detained alongside Voller, Hauke killed Mason's men.[1]

At the Ear of Dionysius, Hauke and Teddy Kumar were handcuffed to prevent the child from running away but when walking across an unstable bridge, Teddy tried to pickpocket the key and Hauke's large mass and sudden movement to stop the boy sent them both into the rapid waters. Carried towards a broken grate, Teddy got loose and was small enough to escape through a gap in the metal, cuffing Hauke to it in the process then left the man to drown.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


Hauke was played by Olivier Richters.

Hauke was portrayed by Olivier Richters in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.[1] The character's name was revealed by the film's production notes uploaded and released by The Walt Disney Company on May 31, 2023.[2] Richters' large fighting character follows in the Indiana Jones tradition of the late Pat Roach's characters from the first three films and Igor Jijikine's character from the fourth film.[3][4][5][6]

Richters joined the Dial of Destiny production during eight months of filming in Morocco, Italy, London and Scotland, making it the actor's largest film role at the time. During filming, Richters had the chance to perform scenes along with Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), Mads Mikkelsen (Jürgen Voller) and Boyd Holbrook (Klaber), appreciating acting tips he had received from the latter two and was impressed at how the then septuagenarian Ford displayed more stamina than he.[7]

Richters noted in a 2022 interview with Men's Health magazine that his role in the movie was so secret the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website didn't know his character's name, remarking that if he had said something about his role, Lucasfilm Ltd. would get angry with him.[7]



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