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Mr. Havelock was the Scout Master of the Boy Scout troop in which Indiana Jones and Herman Mueller were members by 1912.


By 1912, Mr. Havelock was the Scoutmaster of the Boy Scouts of America troop located in Utah, USA. Among two of his scouts were the future archaeologist Indiana Jones and his friend Herman Mueller.[1] That year, Havelock told his troop about his plans for a overnight in the Arches National Park, which the young Jones found "swell."[2]

Four days later,[2] Mr. Havelock took his troop on the equestrian camping trip through Utah's canyons. After the boys dismounted their horses, he reminded them not to get lost in the side canyons, as some of the passageways ran for miles. Ignoring Havelock's warnings, Indy and Herman explored the canyons. They came across a gang of looters led by a man named Garth, which found the Cross of Coronado while excavating one of the passageways. Determined to take the relic to a museum, Indy sent Herman to find Havelock and alert the sheriff then nabbed the cross. As he ran from Garth and his looters, he yelled for Mr. Havelock or any other member of the troop but realized that everyone had gotten lost but him, forcing Jones to improvise and board the Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus train to escape.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Larry Sanders portrayed Scout Master in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[1]



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