"A flawless black pearl that was buried with the Emperor, it's said that the Heart possesses the power to control the will of men."
Marshall Kai Ti Chan[src]

The Heart of the Dragon was an ancient Chinese artifact believed to have been buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his vast tomb, though it actually was guarded over by a huge dragon in the Netherworld.

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A flawless black pearl, the Heart was said in legend to possess the power to control the will of men. It was a source of interest to crimelord Marshall Kai who planned to use it to become ruler of all China. Also, the Nazis wanted the Heart to make and power an inconquerable war machine.

Kai and Nazi agent Albrecht Von Beck formed a team to locate the Heart (with each planning to double-cross the other and keep the Heart only to himself) while at the same time, American archaeologist Indiana Jones and a Chinese government agent, Mei-Ying, also searched for it. Jones was the first to find the Heart in Qin's crypt, located in the Black Pagoda of the Chinese Netherworld, accessible through the Emperor's Tomb in Xian, China, but he could not hold it with his bare hands as it was too powerful. Kai then appeared and took it from Jones, proving to be able to control it and believing therefore that he was meant to have it. Using the Heart's power, Kai summoned the guardian dragon as Jones and Mei-Ying followed him to the back of the Black Pagoda. Using the elemental energy stored in a winged weapon called the Pa Cheng, Jones, however, defeated Kai, causing the Heart to fall from warlord's hands and disappear into the abyss of the Netherworld forever.

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