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Heaven or Paradise is a transcendent supernatural place commonly found across Abrahamic religions where beings such angels dwell or serves as an afterlife for humanity.


In Islamic mythology, a white stone fell from Heaven into the Garden of Eden and absorbed so much of Adam's sin that it turned black.[2]

Some European sailors considered the Island of the Blessed to be a physical manifestation of Heaven on Earth.[3]

In the Egyptian desert in 1908, young Indiana Jones asked T.E. Lawrence what happened to people when they died. Although Jones's tutor Miss Seymour reinforced the notion that a good individual would go to Heaven, Lawrence pointed out that that was a Christian interpretation and noted that for Muslims, a good person would go to Paradise "which, according to the Prophet Muhammad, is a delightful place especially if you're a man."[1] Two years later, as Jones battled a near-lethal infection of typhoid fever caught in China, the boy expressed hope to his mother that his deceased sister, Susie, was in Heaven with his grandmother.[4]



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