Hecate was a goddess symbolized with the crossroads, taught sorcery and associated with life and death. She was the one that, according to myth, created the golden ram Chrysomallos to save the lives of the children Phrixis and Helle which was later was sacrificed at Colchis and guarded by a giant serpent.

The ram's Golden Fleece was stolen by Jason who returned with it to Greece where the Mycenaean civilization flourished as a result. Over the years, it passed between Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires until the sixteenth century when Selim II desecrated the fleece by using it to smother his crying child.

The Golden Fleece was rediscovered by Indiana Jones in 1941 before a group of Turkish radicals known as the Cult of Hecate — an abomination to the goddess according to Daan van Rooijen — stole it to bring about the return of the Ottoman Empire. In an attempt to stop them, Indiana Jones, joined by his pregnant companion, Omphale Kiapos, followed the cult to Colchis where the fleece was to be reconsecrated when Kiapos began to give birth.

Hecate finally reunited with Chrysomallos

The fleece was restored but so too was its guardian, spurned on by Hecate's anger at the fleece's centuries of misuse. Unsure why, Jones took the newly arrived baby, raised him before the huge serpent and implored Hecate to honor the boy's innocence and take back what was hers. The sky opened up and Hecate destroyed the snake along with the cult. She gave life back to the fleece and Jones watched as Chrysomallos ascended toward Hecate's open arms.

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