"In your eyes, I can see it. The desire. The same desire we had. Beware, Dr. Jones... some mysteries are best left undiscovered."
Henrik Mellberg, final words[src]

Henrik Mellberg was an archaeologist who searched for the Tomb of the Gods.


In 1931, along with Francis Beresford-Hope and Marwell O'Brien, Henrik Mellberg recovered an artifact related to the Tomb of the Gods in a diamond mine at the Popigai Crater, north of Norilsk, Siberia. The three made an expedition of fifteen men to follow the map on the key, and reached the Tomb of the Gods. Only Marwell, Beresford-Hope, and O'Brien survived the expedition, and according to Beresford-Hope's son, Alex, all three men had lost their sanity. Realizing the secrets they had found, the three discoverers split the key into three and each kept a piece.

Knowing that there would be others seeking the relic, Mellberg built a secret room in his Manhattan apartment, with an escape hatch to the roof. His apartment was furnished with many books and artifacts, and a terrarium with a cobra.

In 1936, Mellberg feared that the Ahnenerbe were on the trail of the three pieces after he lost contact with O'Brien. Knowing that the Nazis were soon to be on his trail, he sent a letter and a key to his apartment to Indiana Jones, knowing him to be a hands-on type of academic. Unfortunately, Nazi agents, led by Friedrich von Hassell, arrived before Jones did, and Mellberg hid in his secret room.

When Jones was thrown into a false bookcase, he fell into the secret room, where Mellberg quickly caught Jones up to speed as they climbed up to the roof. Crossing over to the steel girders of a skyscraper under construction, Mellberg told Jones about O'Brien's and Beresford-Hope's pieces. The Nazi agents shot Mellberg in the back, which caused him to drop his piece. Knowing that his death was imminent, Mellberg warned Jones to keep the Nazis from getting Beresford-Hope's piece in Tibet, as they needed all three pieces to open something. Trusting Jones with his piece and giving him a final warning, Mellberg fell from the girders to his death. Unfortunately, Jones lost Mellberg's piece to a mysterious woman masquerading as a maid.

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