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Herman Mueller, sometimes called Hermie, was a friend of Indiana Jones during the future archaeologist's early teenage years, while Indy lived in Utah and was a Boy Scout.


Herman Mueller, Jr. was born in 1899[1] to the wealthy treasure hunter, Herman Mueller, Senior.[2] The junior Mueller was a Boy Scout[3] and, by 1912, Indy considered him his best friend alongside Indiana,[4] despite not knowing him well.[5]

The Cross of Coronado[]

That year Herman and his friend Indiana Jones went on a Boy Scout equestrian camping trip together in Utah. After separating from the rest of the troop, Herman and Indy explored a cave in a canyon, where they discovered Fedora and his crew digging up the Cross of Coronado. Indy sent Herman back to find Mr. Havelock and inform the Sheriff that there were looters in the caves. After being scared by a snake, Herman took off on his mission.[3]


Herman with his bugle.

Shortly after Indy returned to his house, Herman showed up, announcing his arrival with his bugle. He had succeeded in bringing the sheriff, but the lawman took Fedora's word for it that the relic was stolen from him and his gang. The Cross was returned to them and presented to Panama Hat, who was seen as the rightful owner.[3] Hermie apologizes to him for bringing the sheriff. Indy responded that it was all right and didn't blame him.[4]

Later adventures with Indy[]

A week later, Herman accompanied Indy and Helen Margaret Seymour to Klondike, Yukon, in search of a treasure of gold.[4]

In 1913 Indy was supposed to have stayed with Herman's family instead of accompanying his father to Russia, but Herman came down with the measles.[6]

That September he followed Indy and his father in New York City, getting even kidnapped.[7] Later that month they get involved in the Bermuda Triangle.[8]

By October he and Indy were sent to study in Charenton Academy in England,[9] where they find themselfes to fight Dark Druids in Stonehenge.[10]

In 1914 he and the Jones went to Turkey, where they came across the underground kingdom and a plot by monarch Zed to use the Knife to rule the world.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

J. J. Hardy portrayed Herman Mueller in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[3]

In the earliest scenes of the film, J. J. Hardy accidentally fell off his horse. Such scene wasn't scripted after all, according to Hardy, who says that his leg hit the backpack as he was trying to get off and he ultimately lost his balance.[12]

In the caves scene where they are separated, Indy didn't tell Herman he would return home or any other appointment after retrieving the Cross of Coronado, saying only 'I don't know... I'll think of something' instead. It is not therefore explained how Herman knew that Indy would be home, and why he decided to take the Sheriff there.

In some of the French-exclusive Hachette Livre novels Herman is described sporting glasses,[7][2] despite not doing so in the prologue of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[3]

In Indiana Jones Jr et le Fantôme du Klondike is revealed that Hermie's classmates had nicknamed him Bouboule. This is French slang for a fat person, essentially "Fatty".[4]

Several other characters are near carbon copies of Herman; among them are Herbert Wozcinsky from Indiana Jones und das Verschwundene Volk[13] and Ketts from Young Indiana Jones and the Mountains of Superstition.[14] It has been speculated that the authors of these stories intended for these characters to be Herman, and that the actions (or inaction) of Lucasfilm Ltd.'s continuity department resulted in the discrepencies.

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, filling the second player character slot, Herman joins Indy in his escape from the caves and during the chase on board the Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus train. As such, he also escapes from Fedora's clutches by performing the magic trick along with Indy in Doctor Fantasy's Magic Caboose.[15] In the sequel, the whole Young Indy sequence is left out, but Herman still depicted in a photograph when Marcus Brody instructs Indy and, in this version, Sallah about their mission to retrieve the Cross.[16]



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