Hermocrates also known as the Lost Dialogue of Plato was the third part of his trilogy (the two others being Timaeus and Critias). The work is named after Hermocrates, who was a friend of Socrates.

Considered unwritten or lost by many, it was found translated in Arabic by Charles Sternhart in an Italian monastery around 1922. By 1939 only two copies existed. The one was kept in Leningrad by Vladimir Radichenko (which was stolen by Klaus Kerner) and the other was kept in the Dunlop Collection in Barnett College.

The text contained crucial information about the location of Atlantis.

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The first page of the Hermocrates. The name Pearce is random to each playthrough of the game.

The existence of Hermocrates is puzzling the historians and it is mainly believed it was never written (the previous part, Critias, was left incomplete). The title is speculative since the philosopher Hermocrates was the third person present in the narrative of the other two works.

In the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis game, Indiana Jones learns its location by Felipe Costa while in the comic book, the informer is Vladimir Radichenko. Also in the game, the collection where the copy of the text is found is random. It could belong in the Ashkenazy, Dunlop, Pearce, Sprague, or Ward Collections. However the comic book fixes it down to Dunlop.

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