Hillary was a superstitious astronomy professor at Marshall College circa 1936.


Although he was an authority on the astronomy and physics used by ancient peoples, and occasionally provided information on the subject for professors, archaeologists and occult groups, Hillary believed in outer space beings with a greater intelligence who he feared would descend to Earth to enslave humanity.

He was often the butt of faculty and student jokes, and would spend all hours of the night in the campus' Observatory — from which he rarely left — watching out for the arrival of those other beings through the college's telescope.

Personality and traitsEdit

A mostly solitary man who recoiled from too much attention, Professor Hillary's time in the observatory had left his complexion very pale. He seemed to shun sunlight and favored a fedora with an oversized brim to shade his eyes from it. The professor also wore black suits too small for his tall, gaunt frame and as a practicing astrologer, he displayed superstitious behaviors when certain celestial bodies were in alignment.


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