Hirohito was emperor of Japan whose lifetime saw two world wars.


Hirohito was the son of Emperor Yoshihito.[1]

In April, 1910, aged ten, Hirohito met Indiana Jones who was visiting Japan as part of his father's world lecture tour. Together they went whale-watching before a shark attack forced them to be rescued by a samurai.[2]

He ascended to throne in 1926 which signified the beginning of the Showa Era.[1]

Fearing that the Japanese army had grown too powerful after the attack on Manchuria, Hirohito dispatched diplomats to hire people who could recover the Katana of Oda Nobunaga to use as a symbol of his ultimate power without resorting to harsh words against the army.[3]

Following the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the emperor was forced to surrender, ending Japan's participation in World War II.[1]

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Hirohito was brought up to believe it was his responsibility to take the advice of his cabinet and ministers. On a trip to Europe, he came to admire the constitutional monarchy of Great Britain.[1] The emperor was also a gardener, and could occassionally be seen in his palace in Tokyo from the International Hotel across the street. Some believed this was the role he preferred to have for himself.[4]

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A ten year old Indiana Jones was due to meet Hirohito in the third season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles but the series' cancelation meant the episode was never produced.



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