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"There's been travel between Holyhead and Dublin since the days when this isle was called Mona and the druids of Erin would come to study with the great priests of the Cymry!"
―Brendan O'Neal[src]

Holyhead was a town on the northwest coast of Wales, on a small island next to the island of Anglesy. It served primarily as the major point for crossing the Irish Sea from Wales to Ireland.

In March 1945, Indiana Jones and his father were attempting to prevent the Nazi agent Dieterhoffmann from assembling the Spear of Longinus. They had escaped with Brendan O'Neal and Rebecca Stein from Glastonbury, but at Gorsedd Arbeth, Stein and the elder Jones were captured, and the younger Jones sent to the bottom of a lake. The Nazis took their captives to Holyhead, and Kurt, Jorge and other toughs were assigned to appropriate the ferry at the dock. While Kurt took the captive ferry captain from Jorge, O'Neal arrived with a wet Indiana Jones, and hid on a dinghy near the dock and planned their rescue attempt.

O'Neal snuck aboard the ferry and called out to Dieterhoffmann. The diversion allowed Henry Jones to dive off the boat to safety, and allowed Indiana Jones to sneak up and pull a knife on Dieterhoffmann's son. Dieterhoffmann was forced to hand over the spear tip to O'Neal, and then Indy tried to bargain a trade: Seigfried for Rebecca Stein. Unfortunately, Seigfried called Jones' bluff, and Dieterhoffmann sent his men against Jones. Distracting them again, O'Neal threw the bundle containing the spear tip into the water, and then leaped off the boat to freedom. Jones tried to free Stein, but Kurt blocked her path. Unable to save Stein, Jones jumped into the water, where he and O'Neal were picked up by the senior Jones, now in a small sailboat. Recovering the lost bundle, the Nazis used the ferry to sail towards Ireland, while the Joneses and O'Neal limped along in the sailboat.


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