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"China was forced to cede this island to the British as a result of losing the Opium War seventy years ago."
Reverend Smith in 1910.[src]

Hong Kong is a small, former British Crown Colony on the coast of China, near the mouth of the Pearl River at the South China Sea.


The colony was made up of three parts, known by when they were made part of the colony: the island of Hong Kong (with the main city also called Hong Kong), the peninsula of Kowloon across the harbor, and a less settled larger area known as the New Territories, north of Kowloon. The north side of Hong Kong island and Kowloon formed the main urban core of Hong Kong. Hong Kong became a British colony in the 19th century following the Opium War, with the New Territories added in 1898. In the early twentieth century, the colony served as a free port and major financial center, with a cosmopolitan setting as a fusion of both British and Chinese cultures.

During World War II, Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese forces, but returned to British control after the war. In 1997, Hong Kong transferred back to being under the control of China, but as a special autonomous region, allowed to keep its own British-derived government and legal system, and separate citizenship status for its residents.

Adventures in Hong Kong[]

In 1935, Indiana Jones and Mei Ying journeyed to Hong Kong to find a smuggler who could take them to Marshall Kai Ti Chan's fortress. At the Golden Lotus Opera House, Mei Ying was captured by thugs from the Black Dragon Triad, but Jones met Wu Han and the two fought their way to the docks. After watching Albrecht Von Beck and Mei Ying board a Nazi submarine, Jones and Wu Han took a boat to Peng Lai Island, where Jones rescues Mei Ying.

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