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The Hopi are an indigenous American Indian people living in the southwest United States. The Hopi currently live in the northeast portion of Arizona.

In earlier times, the Hopi lived in and around cliffside caverns and used clay vessels. One such early site was the Hopi cave. Later, they moved to mesas where agriculture was more feasible.

Adventures with Hopi archaeology[]

Hopi caves.

In 1936, Indiana Jones brought his "Archaeology 223" class from Marshall College to excavate the Hopi caves near Tucson, Arizona. Despite getting the proper permits to explore the caves, local authorities later closed the caves due to geologic instability. Jones and his class excavated in the area around the cave, where Eva identified an early period clay pot shard. It turned out that the cave was being transformed into a modern criminal hideout by Busby Giles, with no care taken to preserve any of the archaeological record inside.


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