The Horned Statue was a small Atlantean artifact. A drilling device, it used orichalcum as a power source. Its base had a storage space where more orichalcum was held.

History[edit | edit source]

The Horned Statue was discovered by Dr. Jastro during the Jastro Expedition in a quarry not far from Reykjavik. It was dated at 1500 BC and remained forgotten within Barnett College which had sponsored the dig.

Klaus Kerner, under another moniker and presenting himself as a doctor, approached Indiana Jones and provided him with a 'key' that was compatible with the statue's shape. Jones found the statue and opened it with the key. The statue opened revealing the bead inside.

Kerner then showed his true intentions and stole the statue from Jones and Marcus Brody's grasp. He delivered it to Dr. Hans Ubermann who was obsessed with finding Atlantis. According to Ubermann the statue was an excavating machine, powered by Orichalcum, something which he demonstrated. Putting a bead into its mouth, the statue started running, opened a hole in the wall, and disappeared.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The procedure of the finding and theft of the statue differs between the comic and the game.

Also, in the comic other identical statues are found by Indy when he visits Iceland (unearthed by Thorskald) and Azores (hid there years earlier by Jastro). Showing one such statue to Charles Sternhart persuaded him to guide them through an Atlantean ruin in the Yucatan.

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