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The "Hotel El Cor" was a modern hotel where René Belloq stayed briefly in 1931. The Barcelona business employed several staff persons, inlcuding an operator and a housekeeper.

In 1931, René Belloq stayed at the hotel, and used it as a base of operations to meet with Ali Bey-Faisal, whom he had hired to steal the Wohat Statues from different museums around the world, including the lion statue from the Barcelona History Museum. Knowing that Indiana Jones was coming to investigate the lion's theft, Belloq sent Bey-Faisal and his men to "scare" Jones, although actually to trick Jones into obtaining the Wohat Statues and solving their meaning in the search for the Invincible Ruby.

Bey-Faisal succeeded in luring Jones to follow him back to the hotel, and while Bey-Faisal and Belloq met in the lobby, Jones slipped in to the hotel. Using some simple tricks, Jones got the hotel operator to give him Belloq's room number, and then got a housekeeper to open Belloq's door for him. Jones recovered five of the missing Wohat figures and hid in a maintenance closet. He discovered that the undersides of the statues, when placed together, formed a map leading to the Mombasa region of Kenya. Slipping out of the hotel, Jones hoped to escape from Belloq and Bey-Faisal, unaware that he was being duped into solving the mystery for them.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The hotel's name is only partially seen as "Hotel El Cor---" on an awning in a panel of Indiana Jones Adventures: Volume 2: Curse of the Invincible Ruby. It is not clear what the final word of the hotel's name is meant to be.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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