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Hotel Lepic was a hotel in Paris, France. The Night Porter and Hotel Inspector worked there.

In September 1908, Miss Seymour and her ward, Indiana Jones stayed in an upstairs suite at the hotel. After a day at the Louvre where they met Norman Rockwell and a trip to the puppet theater, Miss Seymour returned to the hotel, leaving the boys to stay at the theater. When the boys didn't return after the last show, she began to worry, and called the Hotel Inspector, who summoned the Police Inspector. Both inspectors met with Miss Seymour in a ground floor salon of the hotel.

Later than night, Jones slipped past the Night Porter and entered his room, sneaking a bite to eat from a cold tray while tiptoeing around the sleeping Miss Seymour. He hid in a wardrobe, pretending to have fallen asleep in there while working on his essay on Leonardo da Vinci. The next morning, Miss Seymour woke up in her chair in the suite's anteroom, and discovered Jones asleep in the wardrobe, but didn't fully believe his story. His punishment was to stay in the room all day, and read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. In the evening, after dinner, Miss Seymour bid him good evening and locked him in his room. Hoping to attend a party being thrown by Pablo Picasso at Le Lapin Agile, Jones climbed out the bathroom window, and scrambled over the rooftops, and scaled down on a rain gutter which came loose and dropped him onto a lower level balcony. From there he made his way back inside the building to the street. Miss Seymour later came into Jones' room to check on him, and discovered his absence. She noticed a note on his desk about the party, and went out to search for him.

Behind the scenes[]

The hotel appears to have multiple entryways leading to the front desk. The Police Inspector enters through a grander street entrance during the day, while Indiana Jones bids farewell to Norman Rockwell after their first evening's adventures at a small entrance with a gate (and hotel name clearly visible in the background).

This hotel is probably not the same hotel as the one seen in the scenes with Indy's parents at the beginning and end of the Paris episode. (Indy helping his mother pack for her trip to the wine country, Henry and Anna return and meet Miss Seymour and Indy in the hotel dining room). That hotel seemed larger and more lavish, and was not surrounded by the same type of neighborhood of denser streets as seen when Indy made his rooftop escape.