"If they knew we were here, they would've killed us already."
Barranca on the Hovitos[src]

The Hovitos tribe.

The Hovitos were the descendants of the Chachapoyans that hid their fertility idol inside a Peruvian temple. The Hovitos tribe lived in the mountainous jungles of Peru, and had their own language. Hovitos archers used poison-tipped darts and arrows when hunting and fighting.

History Edit

In 1936, a tribe of Hovitos helped French archaeologist René Emile Belloq, who spoke their language, track Indiana Jones and killed his treacherous guide Barranca after using him to lead them to the temple. When Belloq reclaimed the idol from Jones, he showed it off to his Hovitos hunting party, a distraction which allowed Jones to escape. The Hovitos gave chase but Jones made his getaway in Jock Lindsey's plane and Belloq stole the idol for himself.[1]

After Jones later re-claimed the idol and took it to the National Museum, several Hovitos, led by Xomec, and aided by Gestapo agent Ilsa Toht, raided the party celebrating the idol's arrival, returned it to South America. Indy pursued them, defeated Xomec and Toht, and returned the idol to the museum.[2]

Years later, Jones returned to the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors – its entrance blocked by the rolling boulder that Jones had triggered the release of during his previous visit – to further explore the site. During his search, he claimed a second idol but went undisturbed by Hovitos.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

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Hovitos concept art.

The Hovitos first appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark, an invention for the film.

In earlier drafts of the film's script, written by Lawrence Kasdan, the Hovitos were originally going to be the main antagonists of the prologue sequence as René Belloq's presence there was a later addition to the story. The Hovitos, "the tribe of the poison spear", independently kill SatipoBarranca having been killed by Indiana Jones in this version – before trying to finish off Jones for having entered their sacred place.

When Indiana Jones is running away from the Hovitos tribe after Belloq robs Indiana the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, in one scene they are seen only a few meters behind Jones, but in the next scene, they are at much farther away.

During the early development of the fourth film, Frank Darabont's script Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods featured a tribe of Hovitos led by German doctor Felix Von Grauen, who would rescue Indy and Marion Ravenwood in the Peruvian jungle only to later betray them.[4]

In the LEGO Indiana Jones commercial of the toy set "Temple Escape", the Hovitos were included at the end of it, angry at Jones getting away but were not part the actual set itself. They were, however, represented in both LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and its sequel.



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