"These clay seals... all Eighteenth Dynasty. This one bears the name of the king, Tutankhamun."
Howard Carter to T. E. Lawrence and Indiana Jones[src]

Howard Carter was an archaeologist who became famous around the world for his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.


In 1908, young Indiana Jones was a member of Carter's team when the archaeologist found and opened architect Kha's tomb in Egypt. After the murder of Rasheed Sallam, Carter took his body to Cairo.

In January 1919, Indiana Jones, accompanied by Remy Baudouin, encountered Carter again in Alexandria when Jones learned they were staying at the same hotel, Hotel du Nil. Carter introduced Jones to E. M. Forster and tried to recruit Jones to return to archaeology and join his expedition to search for the tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamun. Baudouin reminded Jones of their business in searching for the Peacock's Eye but the foursome brainstormed over a clue to the treasure, trying to determine what the greatest triumph of Alexander the Great was.

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Pip Torrens portrayed Carter in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.



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