Hy-Breasail or Hy-Brasil was a phantom island believed to most likely be located near Ireland.

Hy-Breasail was said to charm sailors toward it before disappearing, as well as driving mad many of those who sought it. Legends, however, did state it was possible for sailors to land there as long as a flaming arrow was shot into the ground to purify the area but the resident demons would overtake them.

The Island of the Blessed was originally thought to be Hy-Breasail.

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The World of Indiana Jones states that Hy-Breasail is "believed to exist somewhere in the North Sea, most probably near Ireland." The North Sea is a body of water located between the east coast of Great Britain and the rest of mainland Europe while Ireland is situated off Britain's west coast with no part of it bordering the North Sea.

As traditional legends of Hy-Breasail place it in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Ireland, the author of the Hy-Breasail section of The World of Indiana Jones may have intended to position the island in the North Channel, the waterway between the northeast of Ireland and southwest of Scotland which connects the Irish Sea to the Atlantic.

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