"What in the name of biology is that?!"
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Ice creatures were the violent, inorganic energy beings that patrolled the various hallways of Shambala Sanctuary, presumably for thousands of years. They stood on two legs and moved around either by rolling or by simply running. Though they appeared to be reptilian, they had translucent bodies seemingly made completely of magical ice. Most of them were small, however a colossal version, known as the Ice Guardian, also personally protected the inner sanctum and the sorcerer Urgon's own personal study.

Indiana Jones was the first Westerner to discover the creatures when he explored the monastery in 1947. Presumably crafted by Urgon himself in antiquity, they were likely responsible for killing the Sanctuary monks whose ancient skeletons Jones found littered throughout the Sanctuary. They attacked Jones by spitting stinging icicles, though he was able to destroy some of them, usually with a simple gunshot.

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