"...The ikons are a nice legend but nobody believes they really exist-- --including me. Statues capable of becoming living avengers?"
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The Ikons of Ikammanen were a legendary set of statues that could become animated to avenge the wicked.

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Indiana Jones didn't believe the Ikons of Ikammanen were real. However, in 1936, Charlie Dunne claimed that he and his sister Edith could prove they existed. When Charlie was killed, Jones searched his briefcase and finds a map and a photo of a shrine. The Ikons were discovered on an island off the west coast of Africa, guarded by traps and fanatical warriors.

The Ikons were found to be human skeletons encased in gold, made by the local natives who dipped captives into a vat of the molten metal. Uttering the words "Busda kanel day harg" brought the gold encrusted avengers to life.

Jones, having learned the phrase by translating writing associated with the Ikons, used it to animate one that Edith Dunne, who he learned was responsible for her brother's death, had taken aboard her airplane. Jones parachuted from the plane leaving Dunne to face the statue's wrath.

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