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The Inca was an ancient civilization that lived near the Cuzco area, and spread across Peru and northwest South America. The Inca had many things, including technology, art, religion and education.

During their civilization, the Inca were given the knowledge of precision stonework by the rulers of Akator, a city the Incans knew as a city of gold[1].

The Incan empire was eventually discovered and conquered by Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s.

Adventures with Incan archaeology[]

In 1914, Carruthers boasted that he possessed a genuine fifteenth century Inca funeral urn before Henry Walton Jones, Senior pointed out that the urn had "Made in Japan" written on it.

In the fall of 1937, Jones was scheduled to teach a seminar at Barnett College entitled "Origins of the Incas 201", but it was instead given to a new professor, Francisca Uribe Del Arco. Jones and Uribe ended up on the trail to find the lost Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco, traveling to the Incan sites around Lake Titicaca, eventually reaching the city of Tahuantinsuyu, and defeated a group trying to bring back the Incan ways.

In July 1941, Indiana Jones excavated an Incan Shrine in Peru near the country's border with Ecuador before he was forced to flee by the Peruvian Museum Council.

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