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The Incan Shrine was an archaeological site in the jungles of Peru, not far from the border with Ecuador. Buried in the foundation of the site were a set of four Mayan figurines, even though the structures were Incan in design.

In July 1941, Indiana Jones had received permission to excavate the site, which was located only about ten miles from a place where Peruvian and Ecuadorian forces had recently had a border skirmish. Jones had discovered the four figurines and had secured them, when one of his Quechuan porters arrived with a poster proclaiming Jones a wanted man by the Peruvian Museum Council. Shortly after, Jones was forced to flee from the site by the Peruvian army. Jones had already created an escape route in the forest and managed to lose the troops chasing him. Carrying the set of figurines, Jones headed through the forest to the coast, and towards Puerto Bolivar, Ecuador.


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