FANDOM is the official website for the Indiana Jones franchise run by Lucas Online.

In 1998, the "" URL was simply a redirect to the website but by the year 2000 the site was updated for coverage of The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones VHS release.

For the release of The Adventures of Indiana Jones DVD set in 2003, the site was redesigned and expanded to become similar in form and function to and covered all aspects of the franchise divided into sections: "Welcome", "What's New", "Adventures" (the first three films and the television series), "Other Adventures" (the Expanded Adventures), "The Museum" (multimedia content), the "Marshall College" database, and "Community" for quizzes and polls. Message boards were kept at the forums. During this iteration of the site, news was also available through the "Keeping up with the Joneses" newsletter and exclusive content unlockable with a disc from the DVD set.

Around the release of the fourth film, was revamped and redesigned. Content related to the films remained at the site but details on the television series were moved to in 2008 for the release of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD.

In 2016, the site became a redirect to the franchise's official Facebook page.



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