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Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is a 1994 action game based on the original Indiana Jones trilogy for Super Nintendo developed by Factor 5 and published by JVC.

The game is primarily a side scrolling run and gun/platformer similar to the Super Star Wars trilogy, but gameplay will occasionally switch to a vehicle level such as for The Mine Car Chase from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The game was later re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console on November 16, 2009 and was eventually made available to stream on Antstream Arcade.

Publisher's summary[]

Are You Indy Enough?
Grab your trusty whip and slash your way though all three Indy classics in this no-thrills-barred video game adventure! If it happened in the movies, it happens in here...the giant boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine cart chase from Temple of Doom, the Three Trials from The Last Crusade, Colonel Vogel... It's three times the Indy, all on one blockbuster game pak[sic].


Title screen

Plot summary[]

Differences from the films[]

Raiders of the Lost Ark[]

  • Barranca, the Peruvian Porter, his fellows and Jock Lindsey are absent.
  • Satipo inexplicably vanishes after warning Indiana Jones about the Hovitos and doesn't accompany him into the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors.
  • Indy faces bats, Hovitos, fishes, spiders and other traps inside the Temple.
  • Forrestal's skeletal remains are absent.
  • The rock boulder chases Indy through another way and gets stuck between the ground and some stalactites.
  • René Emile Belloq doesn't appear until much later, but still claims the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol in Peru off-screen as Indy later tells to Eaton and Musgrove. In addition, no Hovitos are mentioned to have pursued Indy away from their lands, implying that all of them were defeated inside the temple and possibly left trapped inside.
  • Indy's class at Marshall College is omitted.
  • Marcus Brody is absent from Indy's meeting with Musgrove and Eaton.
  • Indy arrives at The Raven during daytime or early evening. He faces wolves, blue birds and armed Sherpas on the way.
  • The Raven is already burning when Indy arrives, with rats everywhere as the whole building, which is bigger than in the film, is consumed by the fire.
  • Marion Ravenwood is standing on a platform with the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra by the time Indy finds her (without slapping him or discussing their past problems), while Indy faces Arnold Ernst Toht, who throws torches at him in a boss fight.
  • Upon being defeated, Toht doesn't burn his hand and escapes scared, disappearing from the game, possibly implying that he survives the story.
  • Marion tells Indy where to find clues to the Ark of the Covenant's location and seemingly stays in Nepal. In fact, their past history through Abner Ravenwood is barely touched and only mentioned in passing by Indy's government employers.
  • Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir, his wife Fayah, their kids, Monkey Man and his Capuchin monkey are absent from the Cairo scenes.
  • Indy faces Nazis, some swordsmen and monkeys during the Cairo marketplace ambush, which is infested with rats.
  • The Arab Swordsman doesn't take too much time in displaying his sword skills, with Indy shooting him with his jacket on and in a way that the Swordsman gets knocked off the screen, without dropping his sword.
  • Indy tries to reach Imam's house during nightime, facing a strong Arab man who throws straw at him, with the German Mechanic appearing after his defeat to face Indy, leading Indy to defeat him much sooner, omitting the Flying Wing sequence later on.
  • Indy faces crows and Nazis at the Tanis Dig, never discreetly sneaking into Tanis. Similarly, he faces bats, rats and Nazis inside the Well of the Souls.
  • Herman Dietrich and Gobler are absent.
  • The Ark of the Covenant already has wood handles when Indy finds it.
  • Belloq actually revels his intentions to open the Ark at Geheimhaven before delivering the relic to Adolf Hitler.
  • Indy just looks for his way out of the Well without breaking the tomb with an Anubis statue.
  • The Desert Chase is skipped alongside the Bantu Wind and the Wurrfler sequence, with Indy escaping from the Well of the Souls and directly finding his way into Geheimhaven without explanation.
  • Indy gets attacked by birds carrying rock balls at the Nazi island.
  • Only Indy and Belloq attend the Ark's opening.
  • Belloq summons the Ark's ghosts to assist him in a boss fight with Indy, jumping around the Ark to avoid being hit by Indy's bullwhip every time Indy attacks him.
  • The Ark abruptly closes itself once Indy defeats Belloq, who randomly disappears after the Ark apparently burns him, hinting that he may have been taken by the relic.
  • The ending is shortened by merely showing the Warehouseman hiding the Ark inside Hangar 51.

Temple of Doom[]

  • Willie Scott and Short Round are absent, so Indy goes alone on his journey.
  • The Gong striker is absent, as well as the Anything Goes musical number, though Willie Scott's dancers then appear dancing as the level starts.
  • Lao Che poisons Indiana Jones without Willie or Wu Han being implied to be around him when that happens, omitting the latter's death at Chen's hands.
  • There's no mention at all of the Peacock's Eye, instead seeming that Indy delivered Nurhachi's ashes to Lao Che without wishing anything in exchange.
  • Indy has to avoid being shot by Lao Che and his men by hiding behind Club Obi Wan's pianos, chairs or tables while fighting Che's men and surviving chandeliers to reach the antidote (which Lao Che told him to catch).
  • Indy escapes from Club Obi Wan without breaking a window with a gong, instead escaping by the roofs and then through the streets, avoiding wood that Lao Che's men throw at him from windows.
  • The Chinese Pilot and the Chinese Co-Pilot aren't shown but leave Indy to die behind off-screen.
  • Indy seemingly lands on Mayapore, as he immediately is informed by Marhan about their situation.
  • Chattar Lal is absent, so Indy isn't formally welcomed to Pankot Palace, infiltrating it instead by attacking any enemies on his way, even Thuggee soldiers (dressed in yellow with blue or red with purple, the latter reminiscent of the Thuggee assassin) despite them supposedly being hidden. Zalim Singh is also absent.
  • Indy doesn't seem to find the bug room before finding the Temple of Doom.
  • Indy fights bats and navigates through lava rivers and cascades with floating red rocks.
  • Indy doesn't come across the Chief Guard mistreating kids (the Chief Guard and the kids don't even appear despite the latter being mentioned), instead apparently meeting Mola Ram in person first, who doesn't get to drug him with the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma.
  • Bats attack Indy in the mines, which count with several conveyor belts, along with several Thuggees.
  • The Mine Car Chase isn't that difficult for Indy, as there aren't many tunnels.
  • The bridge fight is reduced to two purple Thuggee fighting Indy and Indy having to avoid Mola Ram, dressed in red robes, throwing yellow balls at him that break the bridge's parts. Thus, Indy seemingly whips Mola Ram to death and doesn't have the collapsed bridge so no crocodiles are seen.
  • Indy retrieves the Sankara Stones off-screen without elaboration, though he only gets to return one.

Last Crusade[]

  • The Cross of Coronado opening sequence is omitted, so Herman, Havelock, the Boy Scouts of America, Garth, his gang, Panama Hat, his men, Indiana, the Sheriff and his Deputy are all absent, as well as the Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus and the Vasquez de Coronado.
  • Indy's Barnett College scene and mention of Doctor Tyree are omitted.
  • Marcus Brody is absent.
  • 225 Fifth Street doesn't seem to hold a cocktail party, so Mrs. Donovan never appears.
  • Walter Donovan doesn't explain how he got the Grail tablet.
  • Indy doesn't go to the Jones residence to investigate his father Henry Walton Jones, Senior's disappearance, trusting Donovan's word.
  • Indy travels to Venice and goes directly into the Biblioteca di San Barnaba's catacombs without even meeting Elsa Schneider as Donovan told him to do. However, once Indy finds Sir Richard and his shield, Elsa is with him, like if she had found the tomb first and waited for Indy to arrive.
  • Fire waves go through the catacombs, which Indy must avoid.
  • Members of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword armed with swords face Indy in the catacombs.
  • Kazim may have been one of the members Indy faces in the catacombs and possibly kills, with the Brotherhood never learning of his pure intentions, so Elsa is the one who tells Indy about where Henry is being hidden, omitting the destruction of the catacombs and The Speedboat Chase. Though Elsa could have known about this due to her allegiance to the Nazis, she no longer appears after this, possibly not being aligned with them and genuinely helping the Joneses.
  • Indy doesn't seem to have any difficulty to enter into Castle Brunwald, with the Butler absent.
  • The Nazis, including strong ones who lunge at like bulls, detect Indy as he enters into of being alarmed when he rescues his father.
  • Swastikas seem to be black eyes, likely an out-of-universe way to be able to sell the game in other markets.
  • Indy rescues his father with zero problems off-screen and they escape from Brunwald to Berlin, without being captured by Elsa and Donovan or having to sneak into the Hitler Rally to steal the Grail Diary back. By the way, while we free Henry, he is never seen and only referenced in cutscenes.
  • To get aboard the D-138, Indy and Henry seemingly sneak into him without paying any tickets.
  • Ernst Vogel and the Gestapo don't follow the Joneses as they board, with the former not appearing until the level of The Tank Chase.
  • Nazis and zeppelin crewmen attack the Joneses without provocation when they go into the aircraft's bowels.
  • The D-EKVY seems to be able to shoot from the front instead of from the tail. Thus, the Joneses are able to shoot down any German planes after them and they may have landed safely off-screen.
  • Sallah is absent.
  • Indy faces several Nazis on the desert ground (no Hatayans are ever seen or distinguished) and jumps into the Mark VII Tank, where a stronger Vogel awaits for their boss fight.
  • Indy simply fights Vogel until he knocks him off the tank to the ground apparently and then leaves the tank before it goes off the Canyon of the Crescent Moon's cliff, implying that Vogel possibly survives, though as Henry isn't seen being captured inside, it doesn't explain why the tank crew didn't change course and avoided killing themselves.
  • Donovan doesn't shoot Henry and there are seemingly no Nazis inside the Temple of the Sun, so Indy goes to retrieve the Holy Grail of his own accord.
  • There are additional trials, including rock columns that try to flatten Indy or big nails that try to pierce him. There are also more than one buzzsaw and the letters and invisible bridge trials are omitted.
  • Brotherhood members oddly appear inside the Temple of the Sun and fight Indy.
  • The Grail Knight doesn't try to strike Indy with his sword.
  • Donovan suddenly appears out of nowhere and drinks from the False Grial, turning into an undead zombie-like skeleton Indy is forced to defeat in a boss fight where Donovan can use his skull as a weapon to throw at Jones. Once he is defeated, he is somehow burned and disappears.
  • Indy never drinks from the Holy Grail and instead leaves without discovering it.
  • Although they are absent or never appear onscreen, Henry, Sallah and Marcus are shown accompanying Indy into the sunset with their horses.
  • Indy says that his dog was very nice instead of saying that he had fond memories of him, as Henry never calls him Indiana like in the film and thus they keep bickering about it comically.



First level

The game is with an engine similar to the Super Star Wars trilogy and is broken into 28 areas, many of them in side-scrolling view, and others in driving stages.

Raiders of the Lost Ark[]

  • Level 1: Chachapoyan Temple
  • Level 2: Boulder chase
  • Level 3: Nepal
  • Level 4: Raven Bar - Boss: Toht
  • Level 5: Streets of Cairo - Day
  • Level 7: Streets of Cairo - Night
  • Level 8: German dig site
  • Level 9: Well of the Souls
  • Level 10: Well of the Souls - Escape
  • Level 11: Island Surface
  • Level 12: Island - Altar - Boss: Belloq

Temple of Doom[]

  • Level 13: Club Obi-Wan
  • Level 14: Shanghai streets
  • Level 15: Rafting in the snow
  • Level 16: Pankot Palace
  • Level 17: Temple of Doom
  • Level 18: The Caves of Pankot
  • Level 19: Mine car chase

Last Crusade[]

  • Level 21: Catacombs of Venice
  • Level 22: Castle Brunwald - inside
  • Level 23: Castle Brunwald - outside
  • Level 24: Airship interior
  • Level 25: Biplane dogfight
  • Level 26: Canyon of the Crescent Moon - Boss: Vogel
  • Level 27: Grail Temple
  • Level 28: Grail Room - Boss: Donovan
Mark VII Greatest Adventures

The Mark VII tank.

All three of the films are featured in the game, but Raiders of the Lost Ark is the only one playable upon starting the game. In order to play Temple of Doom and Last Crusade, passwords have been progressed through the game. The password cheats are letters from the Greek alphabet. Like the Super Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is regarded as an extremely challenging game to complete and many levels are often quite long and include several enemies of all type, in some levels you have to fight with a villain from the movie in that you are playing. While the stages from Raiders and Last Crusade are of moderate difficulty, some levels from Temple of Doom (such as the Pankot caves) bring with them a very high level of difficulty and a large amount of traps and enemies.

The most difficult stages in the game are the driving stages: The snowraft and mine car chase from Temple of Doom, and the biplane dogfight from Last Crusade, where the player has to avoid certain traps and enemies. If the player is defeated in these stages, he has to restart the entire level. Also if the player loses all of their lives in some area (for example Cairo in Raiders), he is forced to start all the stages of the area in which he was defeated.


The game was fairly well received by critics and fans alike. All Game praises the game's simple, but effective gameplay and controls and faithfulness to the source material. The game's graphics and music are also generally regarded positively (with music taken from John Williams's compositions of the films). In the negative side, a common complaint about the music was the limited use of music from all of the films (many of them taken from Raiders, three themes from Temple of Doom, and none taken from Last Crusade). Also many scenes from the films are not present in the game (the truck chase from Raiders, the boat and motorcycle chase along with the opening from Last Crusade). Also the "Choose Wisely" feature from previous games based on Last Crusade was omitted.





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