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Game Title Screen

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures was released in 1994 by LucasArts Entertainment, developed by Factor 5, and licensed by Nintendo. The game is based on the trilogy of movies, beggining with Raiders and ending with Last Crusade. It is mostly side scrolling action/adventure, but gameplay will sometimes switch to some sort of vehicle level (The mine cart chase in Temple of Doom). It utilizes the same engine as Super Star Wars, which some gamers found dissapointing.

First level

The game uses in-game still-shots of movies with text to describe the scenes, which left out some detail (the car chase of Raiders, the supporting characters of Temple of Doom, and about half the story of Last Crusade). On a positive note, speech samples are used often in the game, including a nifty "I've lost him" from Henry Jones Sr. whenever you recieve a game over. It also includes a simple and effective password system consisting of greek letters. This makes for a good replay value, as the scenes re-created perfectly in the game (like the Cairo swordsman) makes for quite a bit of fun. The Raiders March theme in the game is different to the original song.

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