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This article is about the unnamed cousin of Indiana Jones. You may be looking for Jones's cousin Frank.

"I think we need a vacation...."
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The young cousin of Indiana Jones spent several summers with the archaeologist throughout the 1930s.


Archaeologist Indiana Jones usually referred to his cousin as 'kid' or 'cuz'.

Indiana Jones' cousin in June, 1933.

In 1933, the boy was sent by his parents to spend the summer vacation with Jones. When he arrived, he found his Cousin Indy had been given an assignment to recover an artifact known as the Ebony Dove from an island in the Coral Sea named Malekula, also known as "Horror Island".[1]

Afterward, the pair headed for Nepal to help Lilah Rogers search for her missing father and the mythical Silver Tower said to mark a village of giants.[2]

The boy joined the archaeologist again in the summer of 1934. The June of that year took the cousins to Cairo, Egypt on the trail of two mummies which had been stolen from the National Museum.[3]

Jones and his cousin in China.

Five years later, the boy was eager to join his cousin on another adventure. While his parents disapproved following the events of the previous journey, Indiana wasn't keen on the idea either and had kept refusing for months before eventually he decided to simply give his cousin a fun trip to Venice, Italy instead. However, the excursion became another adventure for the two when Indiana's old friend Giacamo Andrini lured them in with the chance to discover the gold hoard of Genghis Khan.[4]

In July 1939, the cousins were in China where they tried to recover a Ming vase.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Indiana Jones' cousin was one of the main characters in the Find Your Fate Adventure role playing books, where the reader would be placed as a protagonist alongside Indiana Jones. As such details about the character were kept intentionally vague, including his name. In placing the reader as Jones' cousin, however, it does present the question of who his parents are in relation to Jones. Whether he is the younger brother of Frank, a child of Pete or an unintroduced sibling of Henry or Anna Jones has yet to be confirmed.



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