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Indiana Jones' house was located in the college town of Bedford in the state of Connecticut, USA.


Indys home

Indiana Jones' living room in 1936.

Around 1936, Indiana Jones resided in a Connecticut home in the city of Bedford where he worked as a professor of archaeology at Marshall College. After meeting with representatives of the US government during the day, Marcus Brody later visited Jones at his home that evening to inform him that the agents wanted the archaeologist to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant.[2]

By 1938, he had moved to 38 Adler Avenue in Fairfield, New York.[3] When he returned to teaching in Bedford, circa 1957, Jones took up residence at a different property.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The exterior of Indiana Jones' house was shot at 38 Alder Avenue in San Anselmo, California for Raiders of the Lost Ark.[4]



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