From at least the 1920s, Indiana Jones favored carrying a satchel on his expeditions, usually underneath his jacket.


In 1935, the three Sankara Stones burned through the side of Indiana Jones's satchel, and in 1938 the bag's strap got caught on the Mark VII Tank, trapping Jones between the tank and a wall.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Indiana Jones's bag in the theatrical films is a British Mark VII or MKVII gas mask bag from the WW2 era, used by military and civilians in case of gas attacks on London. These bags can often be seen in other movies, doubling as WW1 era gas mask bags. For Indy's adventures, the wide web strap was replaced with a buckled leather strap.

In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, when Mola Ram and Indy are fighting over the bag, a MKVI bag was used, as indicated by the three lower "drains" instead of the MKVII's two.



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