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In November of 2008, Concord Records released Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection. For the first time, all four original film soundtracks (including expanded scores for the first three films), composed and conducted by John Williams, were available in one boxed set. The set also contains a 28-page collectible booklet and a bonus fifth disc containing interviews with Williams, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, as well as "The Raiders March" (moved from the Raiders disc to facilitate that soundtrack's expansion) and ten previously unreleased tracks from the first three films.

The expansions of the original three soundtracks were made available individually in February 2009, while the fifth disc remains available exclusively in this set.

Raiders of the Lost Ark[]

Track Listing[]

  1. In the Jungle
  2. The Idol Temple
  3. Escape from the Temple
  4. Flight from Peru
  5. Washington Men/Indy's Home†
  6. A Thought for Marion/To Nepal
  7. The Medallion
  8. Flight to Cairo
  9. The Basket Game
  10. Bad Dates†
  11. The Map Room: Dawn
  12. Reunion in the Tent/Searching for the Well
  13. The Well of the Souls
  14. Indy Rides the Statue†
  15. The Fist Fight/The Flying Wing
  16. Desert Chase
  17. Marion's Theme/The Crate
  18. The German Sub
  19. Ride to the Nazi Hideout
  20. Indy Follows the Ark
  21. The Miracle of the Ark
  22. Washington Ending & Raiders March

†Previously unreleased on CD

Total Time: 74:04

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom[]

Track Listing[]

  1. Anything Goes
  2. Indy Negotiates†
  3. The Nightclub Brawl†
  4. Fast Streets of Shanghai
  5. Map/Out of Fuel†
  6. Slalom on Mt. Humol
  7. Short Round's Theme
  8. The Scroll/To Pankot Palace†
  9. Nocturnal Activities
  10. Bug Tunnel/Death Trap
  11. Approaching the Stones†
  12. Children in Chains
  13. The Temple of Doom
  14. Short Round Escapes†
  15. Saving Willie†
  16. Slave Children's Crusade
  17. Short Round Helps†
  18. The Mine Car Chase
  19. Water!†
  20. The Sword Trick†
  21. The Broken Bridge/British Relief†
  22. End Credits

Total Time: 75:13

†Previously unreleased

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade[]

Track Listing[]

  1. Indy's Very First Adventure‡
  2. The Boat Scene†
  3. X Marks the Spot
  4. Ah, Rats!!!
  5. Escape From Venice
  6. Journey to Austria†
  7. Father and Son Reunited†
  8. The Austrian Way†
  9. Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra
  10. Alarm!†
  11. No Ticket
  12. Keeping Up with the Jonses
  13. Brother of the Cruciform Sword
  14. On the Tank†
  15. Belly of the Steel Beast
  16. The Canyon of the Crescent Moon
  17. The Penitent Man Will Pass
  18. The Keeper of the Grail
  19. Finale & End Credits

Total Time: 80:67

†Previously unreleased
‡Contains previously unreleased material

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull[]

Track Listing[]

  1. Raiders March
  2. Call of the Crystal
  3. The Adventures of Mutt
  4. Irina's Theme
  5. The Snake Pit
  6. The Spell of the Skull
  7. The Journey to Akator
  8. A Whirl Through Academe
  9. "Return"
  10. The Jungle Chase
  11. Orellana's Cradle
  12. Grave Robbers
  13. Hidden Treasure and the City of Gold
  14. Secret Doors and Scorpions
  15. Oxley's Dilemma
  16. Ants!
  17. Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed
  18. The Departure
  19. Finale

Total Time: 77:19

Bonus Disc[]

Track Listing[]

  1. Raiders March (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  2. Interviews with John Williams, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
  3. Uncovering the Ark (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)†
  4. Indy and the Villagers (from the Temple of Doom)†
  5. The Secret Passage (from the Temple of Doom)†
  6. Father's Study (from the Last Crusade)†
  7. Marcus is Captured/To Berlin (from the Last Crusade)†
  8. To the Blimp (from the Last Crusade)†
  9. The Blimp Turns Around (from the Last Crusade)†
  10. Death of Kazim (from the Last Crusade)†
  11. Wrong Choice, Right Choice (from the Last Crusade)†
  12. Return to the Village/Raiders March (from the Temple of Doom)†

†Previously unreleased

Total Time: 51:46