Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient is a six-issue comic by Dan Barry. It was published by Dark Horse Comics in monthly installments from September 1993 to April 1994 (with a two-month hiatus between the fourth and fifth issues). It was collected in Indiana Jones Omnibus: Volume 1 in 2008.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Indiana is called away from a dig in Lebanon to visit India where his friend Sophia Hapgood has discovered what she believes to be clues that could lead to the Covenant of Buddha, the original writings and precepts of Buddha in his own words. Legend tells that the Covenant holds a great and mystical power that was hidden away to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. As Indy and Sophia muse about this legendary treasure they realize another unforeseen power; the unification of the thousands of Asia's Buddhists under one precept. Another group seeks to claim this power, the Empire of Japan who see it as a way to control the countries they are currently invading pre-World War II. This leads Indy, Sophia, and the Japanese on a desperate chase across Asia that leads into the depths of Afghanistan to the heights of the legendary Shangri-La through disputed parts of China.

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Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient makes several references to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. In the first issue Indy claims the reason he was able to decipher some clay slates is because he learned the codes when he was working with French intelligence during World War I. In a later issue, Jones remembers riding with Pancho Villa.

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