Indiana Jones Artifacts is a supplement to West End Games' World of Indiana Jones roleplaying game. It describes the world's great undiscovered historical treasures from the perspective of an unknown archaeologist hired by the Smithsonian Institution to research the relics; the list is divided into five chapters organized by location.

Indiana Jones' most celebrated discoveries (i.e. those appearing in the feature films) are not listed; but some artifacts that figure prominently in spin-off stories are described in detail, including the Philosopher's Stone, the Fourth Nail, and the Staff of Aaron.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Archaeologists, historians, and treasure hunters have long sought the ancient artifacts of the world. But many who ventured too close to such treasures never returned from their quests, for they fell victim to dense jungles, fanatic cults, or strange, mystical forces. Recently, however, the journal of one such archaeologist has been unearthed, and its secrets are revealed here for the first time.

Each artifact's entry contains its description, value, last known location, history, and powers. In addition, the gamemaster will find a list of parties currently seeking the artifact, rumors and legends concerning its whereabouts, and adventure ideas for integrating it into a campaign.

Artifacts is an invaluable asset to any who dare to seek the great treasures of history. But be warned, for many who delve into the realms of the past never return...

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Africa
  • Chapter Two: The Americas
  • Chapter Three: Asia
  • Chapter Four: Europe
  • Chapter Five: The Middle East
  • Appendix: MasterBook/D6 System Conversion

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Artifacts[edit | edit source]

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