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Indiana Jones Explores Ancient Rome is the fourth of six Indiana Jones Explores non-fiction titles by John Malam, written from the perspective of Indiana Jones.

Publisher's summary[]

Indiana Jones Explores...
In this exciting new series, Indiana Jones, the famous archaeologist and adventurer, explores the lost worlds of ancient civilizations. Acting as a guide, or narrator, Indiana Jones brings these ancient worlds to life by introducing young children to the excitement of discovering some of the secrets from the past. Pages from his 'Fact Files' are included which contain unusual or related information that compliments the text. Each book is beautifully illustrated throughout with colour photographs, illustrations, maps and diagrams.

Indiana Jones Explores... Ancient Rome
Who were the Etruscans? How did the Ancient Romans govern their vast empire so successfully? What happened to Pompeii? Who was Julius Caesar? Indiana Jones takes us on a guided tour of the Roman world, exploring their republic and empire, cities, buildings, religion, festivals and crafts.




  • Italy
    • Roman Empire
      • Pompeii