Indiana Jones Explores The Aztecs is the sixth and final Indiana Jones Explores non-fiction title by John Malam, written from the perspective of Indiana Jones.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Indiana Jones Explores...
In this exciting new series, Indiana Jones, the famous archaeologist and adventurer, explores the lost worlds of ancient civilizations. Acting as a guide, or narrator, Indiana Jones brings these ancient worlds to life by introducing young children to the excitement of discovering some of the secrets from the past. Pages from his 'Fact Files' are included which contain unusual or related information that compliments the text. Each book is beautifully illustrated throughout with colour photographs, illustrations, maps and diagrams.

Indiana Jones Explores... The Aztecs
Who were the Aztecs? How did their civilization in ancient Mexico develop? Who was Moctezuma? What was in like to live in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital built on a lake?

Indiana Jones takes us on a guided tour of the Aztec world. He explores their capital city, its houses, gardens, temples, religion, crafts and games. He discovers a world of emperors, nobles, priests, warriors, commoners and slaves, who belonged to one of the greatest civilizations in the Americas, and which is today being uncovered by archaeologists at work in Mexico City and elsewhere in Mexico.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline of the Aztecs
  • Map of the Aztec world
  • Who were the Aztecs?
    • Introduction to the Aztecs
    • Mexico before the Aztecs
  • The empire of the Aztecs
    • Starting the empire
    • Tenochtitlan — city on a lake
    • The people — nobles and commoners
    • Families and children
  • Organizing the people
  • Everyday life of the Aztecs
    • Markets and food
    • Art of the stone-workers
    • Writing, books and counting
    • Crafts of the Aztecs
    • Games, music and dancing
  • Religion and rituals
  • End of the Aztec world
    • The Aztecs are conquered
    • Discovering the Aztecs
  • Glossary and pronounciation guide
  • Further reading
  • Index

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