Indiana Jones Heritage.

Indiana Jones Heritage is a series of 90 cards made by Topps and released on March 19, 2008, that feature memorable scenes from the first three movies, with card designs paying homage to the Raiders of the Lost Ark card series first published in 1981.[1]

As Topps did not produce trading cards based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 1989 to coincide with the film's theatrical release, unlike the two films that preceded it, Indiana Jones Heritage marked the first time that the storyline was covered in the trading card format.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Base set[edit | edit source]

  1. The Quest of Indiana Jones
  2. Danger Everywhere!
  3. A Game of Chance
  4. The Trap Is Sprung!
  5. In the Hands of Belloq!
  6. Recruiting Dr. Jones
  7. Marion's Victory
  8. The Wicked Persuasion of Toht
  9. Escaping the Fire
  10. Business in Cairo
  11. A New Friend?
  12. Defending the Fair Marion
  13. Behold...the Swordsman!
  14. The Taunts of Rene Belloq
  15. The Great Map Room
  16. A Drink with Belloq?
  17. Digging for the Ark
  18. Surrounded by Snakes
  19. The Ark of the Covenant
  20. Trapped Beneath the Desert
  21. Fist Fight on the Tarmac
  22. Rest on the Bantu Wind
  23. Hidden in Plain Sight
  24. Belloq's Challenge to Indy
  25. "Close Your Eyes Marion"
  26. The Ritual's Gruesome End
  27. The Hands of...Top Men?
  28. An Evening at Club Obi Wan
  29. Searching for the Antidote
  30. Driving by Short Round
  31. The Futile Escape
  32. Napping to their Doom
  33. The Problem with Flying Lao Che
  34. The Village Beseeches
  35. A Crooked Card Game
  36. Journey through the Jungle
  37. The Magnificent Pankot Palace
  38. The Great Banquet
  39. Five Minutes!
  40. A Deadly Intrusion
  41. Another Gruesome Trap
  42. Covered by Creatures
  43. A Sacrifice to kali
  44. Possessed by the Priest
  45. Short Round Breaks the Spell
  46. Indy's Grueling Fight
  47. Freeing the Young Prince
  48. Mine Car to Freedom
  49. Indy Hangs On for Life
  50. Short Round's Peril
  51. Trapped on the Bridge
  52. The Only Escape
  53. In the Nick of Time
  54. A Village Rejoices
  55. Straying from the Path
  56. The Cross of Coronado
  57. Origin of a Snake Fear
  58. The Rightful Owners Return
  59. The Cross Lost...Again!
  60. Summoned by Donovan
  61. Passage to the Tombs
  62. Face to Face with Sir Richard
  63. A Lunchtime Surprise
  64. The Pursuit's Violent End
  65. Swinging to the Rescue
  66. Capture of the "Jones Boys"
  67. The Treachery of Elsa
  68. A Burning Prison
  69. Detour to Berlin
  70. Indy Faces the Fuhrer
  71. Escaping the Enemy
  72. Across the Countryside
  73. A Most Handsome Exchange
  74. Race to the Grail
  75. Indiana Jones Versus the Tank
  76. An Unfair Advantage
  77. Indy's Most Important Mission
  78. The Surviving Grail Guardian
  79. Donovan Chooses...Poorly
  80. The Greatest Temptation
  81. Headed into the Sunset
  82. Desert Raiders
  83. The Truck Chase
  84. Slugfest on the Runway
  85. The Man Who Hated Snakes
  86. The Richard Amsel Touch
  87. World of the Lost Ark
  88. Inside the Temple of Doom
  89. Family Affair
  90. Checklist

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