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Indiana Jones Jr et le Violon du Metropolitan (in English, Young Indiana Jones and the Violin of the Metropolitan) is a young adult novel by French author Jèrôme Jacobs, published by Hachette Livre in 1997.

Publisher's summary[]

Original French[]

À la rentrée scolaire, Indiana n'ira pas en classe. Une aventure passionnante l'attende déjà! Du Metropolitan Museum de New York aux chutes du Niagara, il n'y a qu'un pas! D'autant qu'un stradivarius, violon de grande valeur, intéresse de dangereux individus. Dans les eaux troubles de la Mafia italienne, Indy et ses amis devront savoir nager...

English translation[]

School is starting, but Indiana will not go to class. An enthralling adventure awaits! From the Metropolitan Museum of New York to Niagara Falls, there is only one step! The more so as a Stradivarius, a violin of great value, attracts the interest of dangerous individuals. In the turbid waters of the Italian Mafia, Indy and his friends will have to learn how to swim...




  • Egypt (Mentioned only)
  • Everest (Mentioned only)
  • Georgia (Mentioned only)
  • Heliopolis (Mentioned only)
  • Klondike (Mentioned only)
  • Paris (Mentioned only)
  • Russia (Mentioned only)
  • Sahara (Mentioned only)
  • USA
    • New York City, New York
      • 36th Street
      • Broadway
      • Central Park
      • Ellis Island
      • Grand Central Terminal
      • Little Italy
      • Madison Square
      • Manhattan subway line
      • Metropolitan Museum of Art
      • Pierpont Morgan Library
      • Wall Street (Mentioned only)
      • Woolworth Building
    • Niagara Falls
      • Downpour Street
    • Utah


  • Stradivarius
  • Nude Descending a Staircase


  • Bolsheviks (Mentioned only)
  • Italian Mafia


  • Dog
  • Shark (Mentioned only)
  • Armory Show
  • Isotta Fraschini car
  • Fedora
  • Baedeker guide (Mentioned only)
  • Model T
  • Madame Butterfly (Mentioned only)
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