Official friends of the Indiana Jones are sites that the Indiana Jones Wiki publicly endorses. While some may reciprocate in kind, the wiki does not require them to do so.

Official friends of the Indiana Jones WikiEdit

Indiana Jones Fan Fiction WikiEdit

Although the Indiana Jones Wiki is an encyclopedia designed for officially licensed Indiana Jones material, the site occasionally receives edits from those who looking to add their own creations to the mythos. The Indiana Jones Wiki encourages those editors tell their stories at the Indiana Jones Fan Fiction Wiki.

IndyInTheClassroom.comEdit (aka Adventures in Learning with Indiana Jones) is an Indiana Jones fan site that promotes the educational uses of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

The Librarians WikiEdit

The Librarians Wiki (aka The Library) is an encyclopedia dedicated to The Librarian trilogy of films starring Noah Wyle and the television series that spun off from it.

TheRaider.netEdit is an award winning Indiana Jones fansite with one of the largest fan communities on the web. The site has been acknowledged by James Luceno in the pages of Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide and is an ideal resource for keeping up to date on Indiana Jones news.


Wookieepedia is the Star Wars wiki. Though usually separate franchises of George Lucas's creation, sometimes crossovers take place. For example, Han Solo has been referenced in Indiana Jones stories while Indiana Jones himself has appeared in the Star Wars universe.

In these instances, the Indiana Jones Wiki creates articles for Star Wars content relevant to the Indiana Jones license but links to Wookieepedia for their stories in a galaxy far, far away.

International Indiana Jones wikisEdit