Why sources should be citedEdit

  • To credit a source for providing useful information and to avoid claims of plagiarism.
  • To show that your edit is not original research.
  • To ensure that the content of articles is credible and can be checked by any reader or editor.
  • To help users find additional reliable information on the topic.
  • To improve the overall credibility and authoritative character of Indiana Jones Wiki.
  • To reduce the likelihood of editorial disputes, or to resolve any that arise.

Note: Indiana Jones Wiki and other wiki-based articles and categories cannot be used as sources.

How to reference articlesEdit

Single insertion of a referenceEdit

For the single insertion of a reference, the "name" parameter is not needed. On the Edit page, this is placed at the insertion point of citation:

<ref>''[[Raiders of the Lost Ark]]''</ref>

Multiple insertion of the same referenceEdit

On the Edit page, this is placed at the first insertion point of citation:

<ref name="Raiders of the Lost Ark">''[[Raiders of the Lost Ark]]''</ref>

This is placed at the second and all subsequent insertion points of citation:

<ref name="Raiders of the Lost Ark" />

Producing the reference listEdit

Most importantly, add the following code after the "Appearances" and "Sources" sections, but before the "See also" and "External links" sections. This code will automatically display the reference list, showing nearly everything tagged with ref tags.

==Notes and references==

Long reference listsEdit

For reference lists with fifteen or more different references, include the <references /> tag in a scroll box, using the following code:

==Notes and references==
{{Scroll box
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