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Indiana Jones and his Life of Adventure is a Questron Super Q Adventure Book published by Price Stern Sloan. Covering the first three theatrical movies, the activity book introduces each puzzle with an in-universe entry presented as having been written by Indiana Jones from his collection of "notebooks and essays".

Publisher's summary[]

Get set, program and go!

Super Q Adventure Books challenge players with thrilling mysteries, fascinating puzzles and dramatic escapes as Super Q-ers travel to strange and faraway places.

Behind the scenes[]

Indiana Jones and his Life of Adventure contains a continuity error within the journal entries for Indiana Jones' recovery of the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol and his time in the Tanis Map Room. They date the South America prologue of Raiders of the Lost Ark as 1935, with the rest of the events of the movie correctly noted as taking place in 1936.

The back of the book also includes an alternative version of the front cover amongst the other books in the Super Q series. Most notably the title is blue, while the cover art has fewer elements from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Willie Scott's head replaces that of Henry Jones, Sr. and a silhouette of Indiana Jones riding a horse occupies the space used for the Venetian motorboat.