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Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire is the fifth gamebook in Ballantine's "Find Your Fate Adventure" series, by author Andrew Helfer. It was released in October 1984.

Publisher's summary[]

You and Indiana Jones are desperate to find THE CUP OF THE VAMPIRE

It is the Cup of Djemsheed, a unique medieval treasure. Legend has it that anyone who drinks from this goblet will be guaranteed eternal life. Mihail Tepes, a Romanian archaeologist, believes the cup is buried in the grave of the notorious 15th-century Prince Vlad Dracula, the person who inspired the stories of Dracula the vampire. If Dracula drank from the cup, it is possible he walks the earth to this day! Your search will be complicated by many other people—some of them ruthless villains—who will stop at nothing to gain possession of the cup.

Right from the start, you are in charge. Depending on the decisions you make, you could wander endlessly through catacombs, meet real-life werewolves, or fight to the death with bloodthirsty bandits. Every thrilling and dangerous step of the way the choices are up to you as you FIND YOUR FATE.





Behind the scenes[]

This book contains twenty-one distinct narrative paths, leading to twenty-one different endings. The longest path is twenty-nine pages. It ends with Indy narrowly escaping the maniacal Anti-Vampire League and recovering the Cup of Djemsheed, but also unwittingly resurrecting Dracula. The page sequence for this path is:

1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 24 → 47 → 26 → 82 → 94 → 52 → 71 → 57 → 17 → 76 → 77 → 48 → 32 → 33 → 84 → 14 → 80 → 81 → 25 → 65 → 38 → 85 → 61 → 19 → 69