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The Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb: 1935 Journal is the instruction manual of the LucasArts game Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. It provides the directions how to play the game written from a mostly in-universe perspective through Indiana Jones' journal notes for the year 1935 with clippings such as letters, memos, newspapers and other leaflets attached.




Behind the scenes[]

The booklet asserts that Indiana Jones is teaching at Barnett College. This contradicts sources which show he doesn't begin teaching there until at least 1937.

Jones's handwriting style would later be used in The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones.

The format each game appears on is treated as an in-universe artifact given to Indiana Jones by Marcus Brody to research. However, the PlayStation 2 version doesn't have unique comments as he tries to figure out the device like the other formats do.

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