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Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower is the third gamebook in Ballantine's "Find Your Fate Adventure" series, by author R. L. Stine. It was released in August 1984.

Publisher's summary[]

1994 edition[]


Deep in the mysterious Himalayan mountains of Tibet, a journalist and his daughter, Lilah, are separated during a blinding snowstorm. He disappears without a trace. She makes it back to civilization with a terrifying tale to tell—a tale of a Silver Tower that marks the entrance to a legendary village inhabited by giants.

Lilah is desperate for help—and now the search is on to find her missing father. But somewhere beyond the snow-capped peaks and sheer, slippery cliffs, hideous, monstrous creatures dwell, bent on destroying anyone who dares to enter their sacred territory....

Race along with R. L. STINE—master of perilous thrills and icy chills—as he takes you and the intrepid Indiana Jones on the adventure of your life! But remember: Your fate is in your hands!





Behind the scenes[]

There are twenty-one narrative paths in this book, leading to fifteen different endings (including one that ends in an infinite loop, bouncing between pages 60 and 90). The longest path is thirty-one pages, and ends with Indy and company escaping from the Village of the Giants after Indy defeats the giants' champion in battle by tickling him. The page sequence for this path is:

1 → 2 → 21 → 39 → 40 → 41 → 8 → 9 → 26 → 32 → 33 → 66 → 17 → 18 → 10 → 25 → 82 → 16 → 37 → 52 → 73 → 86 → 68 → 104 → 111 → 114 → 3 → 19 → 51 → 13 → 94

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